Questioned by Raoul Hedebouw, Ahmed Laaouej loses his temper: "The PTB is badly placed to lecture"

Questioned by Raoul Hedebouw (PTB) on the reform of the reintegration of long-term patients, the deputy heavily charged the Communists. “I do not like your political method, which caricatures, whatever the measure or the reform”, declared Ahmed Laaouej. “With this reform (long-term patients), we make the employer responsible. These are realities, but you do not say it. The PTB is badly placed to lecture and say defend the workers. We here , in Parliament, with courage, we came to denounce forced labor camps (of Uyghurs in China, editor’s note). And you, you go to bed, you are afraid. When we defend the workers, it is here in Belgium. But over there, they are Muslims, is that your problem? You are nice, but the people behind you have not renounced Maoism and Stalinism, “he said, applauded by all the benches of the assembly. The Socialist MP was referring to the PTB’s abstentions during the resolution vote denouncing the situation of the Uyghur minority in China. “And your president Peter Mertens, in one year, spent 400,000 euros on Facebook. How much are nurses’ salaries? By feeding whom? Multinationals active in tax havens. You would do well to be more modest. PTB is the party of blah. “

“I will not answer”, reacted Raoul Hedebouw. “It is not with China and Facebook that you are going to get away with polls. Socialists, you have to come to terms with yourselves, stop with this straight policy.” On the reform of the reintegration of long-term patients, the Communist deputy denounced a “mechanism of sanctions”. “After the exclusion of the unemployed, the exclusion of the sick.”

In his intervention on the general policy statement, Ahmed Laaouej welcomed the fact that, in his eyes, “the government does not impose austerity”. “We are coming with positive measures for citizens: extension of the social energy tariff and additional aid of 80 euros for the same public will allow 900,000 families to benefit from substantial support. For the middle classes, I consider that ‘with the 300 million registered in the gradual abolition of the special social security contribution, there is the possibility of giving it a boost. There is a substantial envelope there. “

The PS group leader also underlined “the return of social consultation”. “It was a prerequisite for the socialist family, we obtained it. All the elements relating to the reform of the labor market will have to go through social dialogue.”

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