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People attend to vote in Maracaibo, Zulia state (Venezuela), this November 21, 2021. EFE / Henry Chirinos

San Francisco (Venezuela), Nov 21 (EFE).- A man was killed this Sunday in Venezuela when he was queuing to vote on the outskirts of an electoral center in the state of Zulia, on the border with Colombia, where, in addition, two people were injured, a witness informed Efe, while the authorities disassociated the success of regional and local elections.

“I have appointed a team of senior managers of the Cicpc (Corps of Criminal and Criminal Scientific Investigations) who travel to San Francisco, Zulia state, to clarify the fact where a man dies and two people are injured,” said the director of the Corps of security, Douglas Rico, on Twitter.

According to a witness who was at the voting center, identified as Alejandra Bustamante, a group of people got out of some vehicles and began to push to disperse the voters and fired at the place.

“They kicked everyone in the queue and he pushed me and did not let me do my voting process,” Bustamante told Efe, who also denounced that near the electoral college located in the San Francisco municipality of the city of Maracaibo In Zulia state, there was a group of opponents who were “attacked.”

For his part, the director of the Cicpc indicated that the “first investigations unlink the fact” from the elections, a statement that was also reinforced by the Minister of the Interior, Remigio Ceballos, who stated that the event is “isolated” to the development of the elections.

Although neither Rico nor Ceballos identified the victims, a police report indicated that the assassinated was the citizen Antonio Urdaneta, 38 years old, and the wounded Johan José Montero, 19 years old, and Sonia Urdaneta, 57 years old.

All were transferred to a hospital in the area, but Urdaneta arrived without vital signs, according to the same minutes.

The two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles also spoke about the event, asking for “attention” to the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union (EOM-EU) that is in the country.

Venezuela today is holding regional and local elections to choose 23 governors, 335 mayors, 253 legislators to legislative councils and 2,471 councilors.

Just over 21 million people are called to vote for these elections.

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