Quinten Hermans demonstrates with a handsome solo and takes first ... (Lichtervelde)


Quinten Hermans has won the second World Cup round on the World Cup course in Fayetteville in America. Bart Wellens’ group won on the very difficult course with a big difference from Eli Iserbyt and Michael Vanthourenhout. He remains the leader in the World Cup, on Sunday the American triptych will be concluded with the round in Iowa.

Half an hour after the women’s finish, the rain had apparently eased somewhat, but the course was still heavy and slippery. The head start was for Michael Vanthourenhout but we had to wait for the first passage of the long climb to see how the mutual relationships were. Toon Aerts, who started less well, rode to the front of the race in no time. The leader of the Trek Baloise Lions immediately got into the right rhythm, supported by the passage over the long staircase where Aerts came into his own with his great strides. But given the length of the race and the difficulty of the course, Aerts decided not to open the throttle right away.

Postponement was not a adjustment. The match was barely ten minutes away when Aerts unleashed his devils for the first time. Only Quinten Hermans was able to follow the Kempenaar. Michael Vanthourenhout and World Cup leader Eli Iserbyt were also able to return one more time. But Quinten Hermans also clearly felt at ease on the swampy and grueling course. The Limburger of the Tormans Cross Team accelerated at the start of the third lap and broke away from his three competitors in no time.

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Hermans unleashed

Hermans rode the Tour of Italy in the spring and clearly reaped the benefits of his more intensive road campaign. His lead quickly rose to more than half a minute, the Limburger did not weaken. The tension in the battle for victory quickly disappeared, it was mainly the battle for the remaining podium places that caused some excitement. Aerts was in the grip of the duo of Pauwels Sauzen – Bingoal until Michael Vanthourenhout suddenly stood on foot. Aerts tried to put pressure on Iserbyt, but the little West Fleming did not fold. On the contrary, it was Iserbyt who managed to clear a gap on the penultimate lap. De Kempenaar was even passed by Michael Vanthourenhout and eventually fell next to the podium.

Hermans did not weaken and rode unthreatened to his first win of the season and also his first win ever in the World Cup.(gvdl)

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