Quinten Hermans happy with first ever World Cup victory: “Here...

Quinten Hermans (26) has his first victory of the season. And what kind. The Limburger of the Tormans Cross Team rolled up the opposition seemingly effortlessly in Fayetteville, USA, good for his first ever victory in the World Cup.

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“However, I did not feel super well in recent days,” said the Limburger. “But on my rolls this morning I felt I was getting better. The first two laps I gave up, but I don’t think I was the only one.”

Hermans also went on the offensive solo early on. “In the third round I continued myself, got a hole and that turned out to be enough,” it sounded. “Does this surprise me? I have been working very hard for the motocross season. Before leaving I already said that I peaked at this. Mold doesn’t come to order but apparently we’ve done a good job.”

Hermans also played smart tactically. “I knew there were three of them behind me and then you know they can look at each other. They probably gave me a few seconds as a gift and I didn’t give it back.”

Eli Iserbyt: “Nice report”

Eli Iserbyt continues to lead the World Cup after finishing second. “First in Waterloo and now second: this is a great report”, said the West Fleming van Pauwels Sauzen – Bingoal. “In the beginning it was a bit of a search for me. It was actually just a bit too muddy. But in the end I found a line with a little more grip. I had a good chase but Quinten was too strong.”

Iserbyt played with the tire pressure. “I went from 1.2 to slightly below 1 bar,” it sounded. “That increases the risk of punctures, but it was the only option, otherwise I would have stopped there. The course was difficult, comparable to Valkenburg at the time. The weather will depend on who the course is for at the World Cup in January. It is an open course.”


Michael Vanthourenhout: “Didn’t know what they were talking about”

Michael Vanthourenhout finished third, but for a moment he was also disqualified because of a wrong bike change. “I didn’t know what it was about,” Vanthourenhout responded. “I thought nothing had gone wrong with the substitution, but I would have substituted outside the box. I just wanted a new bike as soon as possible.”

Logical! The West Fleming suddenly had to get off the bike in full final. “I had a piece of rope from the course with me. Cycling was no longer possible, I could only walk. There was not much more than a third place. Quinten was the best uphill and that’s where the race was made. The strongest won, I am very happy with my third place.”

Toon Aerts: “Not super long, but still too long”

Toon Aerts finished in fourth place, even though he found a tailor-made course in Fayetteville. “It wasn’t a super long race, but it was too long for me,” the Kempenaar responded very honestly. “The best was suddenly gone. In the beginning I was able to put pressure on them but not anymore at the end of the race.”

A possible podium finish as a result of a disqualification was not what he wanted. Aerts: “Michael clearly heard on the podium, I didn’t. My feeling? That it was better than Waterloo but not good enough to win. But I want to be on stage at least once before I travel home. So that will have to happen in Iowa.”(gvdl)

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