Jessica via Instagram.

Jessica Cirio decided to escape from heat wave that plagues much of Argentina and went on a trip to Entre Ríos to resist the high temperatures. From there, in a luxurious spa hotel with hot springs, pool and sauna, the Zumba ambassador he dazzled everyone with his photos.

The presenter of “La Peña de Morfi” takes advantage of a few days off before returning to her schedule on television and for this she spends her free time in the most refreshing way she can: by the pool. Candle melted social media with one of his latest publications in which was shown in a gray bikini with delicate ruffles at the back.

Jessica via Instagram.

Radiant thanks to her routine of exercises and body care, the model stated in the description of her post from Instagram: “One in my favorite pool” and asked her more than three million followers: “What plans do you have this weekend?”

Next, the couple Martin Insaurralde received about 44 thousand “likes” and a wide variety of comments praising her figure such as: “Super”, “Beautiful”, “So goddess” and “Beauty overdose”, in addition to hundreds of emojis of all kinds.

away from the city

Away from the city (Instagram/JesicaCirio/)

melted the nets

It melted the networks (Instagram/JesicaCirio/)

Jésica Cirio’s gym class on the beach

From the beach, the driver shared a short video doing some physical exercises along with another trainer and invited users to follow in her footsteps. “Four exercises that we chose with Caro Suki to work legs and buttocks anywhere It is a circuit of 20 seconds each exercise and you can repeat it between 4 and 6 times! Do you dare?”, he explained in the description.

As expected, the publication did not take long to arouse the reaction of his fans who reproduced the clip countless times. He also received more than 22 thousand red hearts.

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