Rafa Kalimman talks about his relationship with Salvador and participation in Carnival

The digital influencer and ex-BBB Rafa Kalimann spoke about the relationship she has been building with Salvador, during a visit to the city’s carnival. In an interview with iBahiaRafa said that he is creating a “root” with the Bahian capital and that this has been the most special carnival to be held in the city.

“This has been the best year ever for me, because I’m creating roots, friendship, getting to know the city, the culture, so it has a special taste. Salvador is so rich and Carnival is one of the important points, perhaps one of the top 10 in the city, but the city itself brings something very extraordinary, so this year has been very special for me because of that”, said Rafa.

On the afternoon of this Sunday (19), she honored the departure of the trios from the balcony of an apartment at sunset in the capital of Bahia. She described the moment as “surreal”.

“Today I managed to see the trio leaving the fort, from a friend’s apartment. They are very, very special experiences. […] I brought my teenage friends, I took a friend from every region of the country, from Fortaleza, Uberlândia, Goiânia […] today I brought fans together with me, to be able to enjoy and celebrate, to be able to share this moment”, he said.

As for the bet for carnival music, Rafa Kalimann was direct: “Zona de Danger”.

“Leo Santana’s, right? How not? I can’t listen to another song!”

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