Rafael Amaya rose to fame for starring in

After three years of being away from acting, Rafael Amaya return to television to be part of the period superseries “Malverde, the patron saint”. The expected return of the Mexican actor will be on the screens of the “Telemundo” network.

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As you remember, Rafael Amaya He reappeared on the public scene at the beginning of December 2020. This after three years of having disappeared from the artistic environment and from the recording sets. Finally, the protagonist of “The Lord of the Skies” revealed that his absence was because he was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic to treat his drug addiction.

His return was celebrated by his colleagues and thousands of fans, who wish to see Rafael Amaya again on television. And that wish will come true when they see the special participation of the Mexican actor in “Malverde, the patron saint,” the series that is broadcast on Telemundo. What will your return to the small screen be like? Here all the details.

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Rafael Amaya rose to fame for starring in “The Lord of the Skies” (Photo: Telemundo)


Rafael Amaya He is considered one of the best actors on the small screen for starring in successful international soap operas and series, standing out mainly for his work in “The Lord of the Skies,” the narco series produced by Telemundo that launched him to fame.

At 44 years old, the Mexican actor is considered a celebrity and has thousands of fans around the world who follow his every step. Especially now that Amaya has reappeared on the public scene after being away for three years due to his drug addiction.

Willing to recover his life and artistic career, Rafael Amaya has decided to return to television and Telemundo has given him the opportunity to come back in style. Thus, the television network confirmed that it reached an agreement with the Mexican actor to star in and have special appearances in several of his productions.

Rafael Amaya and Miguel Varoni in the rehearsals for “Malverde: the patron saint” (Photo: Miguel Varoni / Instagram)

After months of speculation, it was confirmed that Rafael Amaya will be part of the series “Malverde, El Santo Patron”, starring Pedro Fernández and Carolina Miranda. The Mexican actor will have a special appearance in this production that has had a cold debut and that has not managed to overcome the competition, “La desalmada” from Univision.

Although at the moment Univision has everything to win, Telemundo does not seem to be willing to stay with its arms crossed and is already preparing to deliver a forceful blow on the table. His secret weapon will be: Rafael Amaya.

That is why, since last weekend, Telemundo began to promote through social networks what will be, according to what it announces with great fanfare, ‘the return of the year’.

Rafael Amaya and Miguel Varoni recording the series “Malverde: the patron saint” (Photo: Miguel Varoni / Instagram)
Rafael Amaya and Miguel Varoni recording the series “Malverde: the patron saint” (Photo: Miguel Varoni / Instagram)

“Are you ready for the comeback of the year? Do you recognize this hat? Someone very special comes to Malverde: the patron saint very soon. Who do you think it is? ”Announced Telemundo through its social networks.

This is how Rafael Amaya will reappear on Telemundo screens through a special participation in “Malverde: the patron saint.” Although it is still too early to know if the purpose will be achieved, the truth is that the announcement has generated great excitement among the fans of the actor of “The Lord of the Skies.”

It should be noted that Rafael Amaya will make his long-awaited debut in “Malverde: the patron saint” next Monday, October 18.

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