Neymar and Rafaella Santos;  influencer got involved in her brother's discussion with Patricia Pillar (Photo: Reproduction)
Neymar and Rafaella Santos; influencer got involved in her brother’s discussion with Patricia Pillar (Photo: Reproduction)

Sister of Neymar, Rafaella Santos decided if engage in discussion between the player and the global actress Patricia Pillar. The influencer recommended that the Globo contracted watch again the interview with the Seleção’s shirt number 10.

Through her on social networks, Rafaella gave her opinion on the case. She came to her brother’s defense and spoke out against the actress.

Rafaella Santos comments confusion

“I think you have to see the interview again ma’am”, said the influencer.

The friction between Neymar and Patricia Pillar

The confusion started last week, when Patricia Pillar was disappointed by Neymar’s statement after the team’s game. The actress considered as “regrettable” a comment made by the player after the match between Peru and Brazil, in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

In the match in question, the soccer star of the Seleção celebrated during an interview with Globo the fact that he was very close to passing Pelé’s mark on the Seleção. He is close to becoming the top scorer in Brazil, surpassing the number of goals that the veteran has in his career wearing the hopscotch.

Patricia then criticized Neymar using his Twitter profile and classified this comment by the Paris Saint-Germain star as regrettable. She considered it an inappropriate time for such a statement, since Pelé was hospitalized for a health problem.

player hits

Neymar disappoints me more every day. Talking about putting Pelé in the artillery was absolutely pitiful, wrote the actress. Next, the player countered: “Oh, I have to stop scoring now”.

For the sake of empathy and politeness, this was not the time to say that he would pass Pele in the artillery. It is these delicacies of life that maybe you haven’t learned yet, explained Patricia Pillar. “My most beautiful goal. For empathy and delicacy, take a look there”, replied Neymar, leaving the link to a story for the actress.

Last week, Rafaella Santos had already criticized Galvão Bueno because of comments about Neymar.

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