RAMÓN ORLANDO: “Tokischa has to repent”

Ramón Orlando Valoy; prominent Dominican musician who for his statements to the detriment of the urban genre in recent days has been in the eye of the hurricane; this time he launched it against the Creole rapper Tokischa.

Valoy, during an interview on the show dParranda Radio Show, which airs from Monday to Friday on Dominicana FM, expressed that due to its attitude towards society and the message of its music, the so-called “Trapterrestre” must seek repentance.

“How is it possible that you are telling youth and girls to be perverted, to go to promiscuity, to be homosexual …”, expressed the artist.

In his speech in the space led by journalists Diomelo Martinez, Cristian Santana, Wendy Mora, Héctor Romero, Kandy Romero and Moises Balbuena, the popular merenguero said in that sense that we are all sinners so we must repent, however he clarified that It is very different when you influence an adolescent to drug use and perversity, as the interpreter of “El rey de la popola” pointed out through her music and behavior.

It is recalled that in August 2021 Tokischa trapper did a photo session semi-naked and in sexual poses at the Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Altagracia in the municipality of Jarabacoa in the province of La Vega, an action that was repudiated by a large part of society .

Another setback in his career was the conflict of his song ‘Perra’, in collaboration with J. Balvin, which was vetoed by the Colombian authorities for being racist and misogynistic, according to an official statement.

In the same way, her explicit lyrics and the video clips of the also model have aroused controversy over the visual of her song “Desacato escolar” which was removed from YouTube and denounced by the Dominican Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic.

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