Ramón Raya on old friendship with Doctor Luis García: 'He closed the door to me to take care of his image'

CDMX.- In a question and answer session, the technician of the Mexican Beach Soccer Team, Ramon Raya, He told the reason why he ended his friendship with him ‘Doctor’ Luis Garcia, mentioning that the chronicler closed a door to a great opportunity to take care of his image.

Receiving a question from one of his friends, Ramón Raya summarized the reason why his friendship with Luis García ended.

Luis and I had a great friendship, for a long time, and I think at some point I realized that it was very uneven. I had the opportunity to do many things, when he needed it, and he closed the door to an opportunity that I had a great deal of to take care of his image, in quotation marks ”, declared Ramón Raya.

Ramón Raya, current coach of the Mexican Beach Soccer Team

Raya noted that in friendship with Luis Garcia, the ‘Doctor’ showed that they were not as friendly as he thought and wanted.

We were partners and when there is family involved, and money involved, friendships are sometimes lost. I decided to end that relationship, the reality is that I am blunt and I told him that if we do not solve this on that day, we pretend that we do not know each other, we do not fix it and that is where everything ended ”, declared Ramón Raya.

Ramón Raya was a Pumas player in the 80’s and as a coach he got a runner-up in the world at the Beach Soccer World Cup in 2007.

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