Raoul Hedebouw, future national boss of the PTB, wants to seduce the working class of Walloon Brabant: “Today, many sectors are proletarianizing”

The future president wants to strengthen the presence of the PTB in areas where it is less strong.

Raoul Hedebouw is the only candidate to run for the presidency of the Belgian Labor Party, the party communicated on Wednesday morning. The elections will take place during the statutory congress on December 5th. After this formality, the new president will be able to tackle his new program: to strengthen national unity by going in particular to convince the new working class in regions where the PTB has historically had little presence.

The main objective of this plan is to succeed in 2024 to overtake parties like the N-VA and Vlaams Belang “who want to split the country”, tells us the Marxist when he leaves his hairdresser in Liège. To achieve it, it is therefore necessary to have a bilingual president “which embodies national membership”. And as Raoul Hedebouw had been at the head of the party’s national office since 2008, his candidacy made the most sense.

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