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Raquel Peña, vice president of the Dominican Republic, highlighted this Thursday the acceleration of the vaccination rate after the announcement by the Government of the new restrictive anticovid measures that will begin next Monday, October 18.

“People have understood that we need everyone to get vaccinated and soon we will reach that goal that we have,” he said upon arrival at the Third National and International Congress of Ecology and Mining of the Catholic University of Santo Domingo (UCSD).

Peña reiterated the information from the Minister of Public health, Daniel Rivera, that people who were to apply their first dose now in October can access closed places and public use.

The Government ruled that starting next Monday, people 12 years of age and older who do not have the two doses of COVID-19 vaccines will not be able to enter workplaces or study centers or use public transport.

Those who do not have the doses can enter the places as long as they present a negative PCR test for the coronavirus disease, carried out with a maximum of seven days in the Ministry of Health or any private laboratory.

Peña assured that the government is ready to enforce the new provisions on Monday. Yesterday Public Health reported that about 1,200 inspectors will be verifying the measurements.

Anyone who has an applied dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will be able to access closed places and places for public use.

Minister Daniel Rivera clarified that the inspectors do not have the power to close deals, but only to observe and notify whether or not the measures are complied with.

The National Police also clarified that it will not place checkpoints in the streets asking citizens for the vaccination card. He said that he will work respecting the free right of movement.

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