the Prime Minister received the memo from Commissioner Facon

The corona police station does not recommend carrying out compulsory vaccination against Covid-19, according to the note sent Thursday evening to the members of the consultation committee and to the presidency of the House. Pedro Facon and his team argue instead for the establishment of a “crown certificate“, is it written in this document that Belga was able to consult.

The police station believes that instead of being a tool to limit the risk of contamination in the activities of certain environments (the initial Covid Safe Ticket), the corona certificate could have the main objective of contributing to a higher vaccination rate. This rate makes it possible to limit serious cases and reduce hospitalizations, recalls the police station.

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According to our colleagues from Free, this report would recommend the replacement of the Covid Safe Ticket by a “Corona certificate”, reserved only for vaccinated persons. Pedro Facon would not advocate for compulsory vaccination in the strict sense of the term.

Report from January 12 (JT)

“Cheese with holes”

In this scenario, the certificate of reinstatement would be abandoned. In addition, in some cases, for example with a high circulation of the virus, the vaccination certificate could be combined with a test certificate. Its use should however be limited according to the epidemiological situation, possibly defined in the barometer under discussion, and limited to certain contexts. It should never be asked for essential activities.

This “crown certificate“must however be part of a set of broader policies, further advises the corona commissariat, within the framework of the Swiss model of”cheese with holesHe recognizes that there are no perfect and 100% effective measures against the virus.

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Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, the Minister-Presidents and the President of the House received this note on Thursday evening, in view of the meeting of the consultation committee scheduled for next week and the work planned in the House on the advisability of carry out compulsory vaccination. On this point, the corona commissariat further believes that, in addition to a political debate, a social debate or even a consultation could also be considered.

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Extract from the News of this January 9:

Meeting and barometer

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A meeting with the minister-presidents was also held in the early evening concerning the establishment of a barometer, the main subject on the agenda of the next consultation committee. In the House, the health committee will hold hearings on compulsory vaccination before a political debate expected by the end of February, said Wednesday the president of the assembly Eliane Tillieux.

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