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Cristiano Ronaldo He is one of the footballers who marked the era in Real Madrid. The Portuguese won 16 titles in nine seasons, in which 4 Champions League, 3 Club World Cups and 2 Santander Leagues stand out. With a history of such magnitude, he managed to have a place in the hearts of the fans; however, it was not the only ones whose life was “changed.”

‘CR7’ would have had an influence on his teammates, especially Karim Benzema. The Frenchman was always classified as a “good player” but he never managed to shine in the team. A council of the exSporting Club would have made him modify the ‘chip’.

Jorge Valdano, former soccer player and manager of Real Madrid, spoke with La Galeran and revealed the advice of the Portuguese star to the ‘Gato’ who could change his career. “His change comes from an improvement in his professionalism. This boy has played with Cristiano, the superprofessional par excellence “, beginning.

Cristiano, who admires him a lot, tells him: ‘Boy, this is not going to get you to Real Madrid.’ Karim learned from that advice. Smart people change for the better. And Cristiano’s own departure was also important for him, because it forced him to assume that more leading role”, Explained the Argentine-Spanish.

Valdano also referred to the possible arrival of Mbappé to the white team. “From what we are seeing, Mbappé is not understood by his mother. Literally. It is a situation where many economic, political and purely football interests play, because it can happen that Mbappé and Messi suddenly tune in, and that instead of scoring thirty goals Mbappé scores fifty, in which case it will be more difficult to get him out of there. Anything can happen with Mbappé “.

Valdano was full of praise for Raúl González. For the coach, the Spanish could take the reins of Madrid without problems. “You don’t need to verbalize to transmit. It will be one of the best in the history of football. He transmits with the same demand that he applied to himself. He has something inherent in great coaches. Guardiola, Mourinho, Simeone have it: an unstoppable energy ”, explained.

When asked if Raúl is ready to take Real Madrid’s first team, he said: “Raúl was born prepared. They put him inside the monster at seventeen and he was not afraid of it. Now that he has made a career in the monster, the less afraid he is going to be “.

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