Real Madrid: Vinicius: "Before I was not prepared to have more minutes"




Vinicius, the fashionable player at Real Madrid and in LaLiga, reviewed his current situation in the Whites on the microphones of “El Larguero” on the SER network. He reiterated his intention to continue for many years in white and did not want to join in the euphoria that marks him as the great player of this season.

Season start

“I have always thought of helping the club. I am very happy about my start to the season. I am focused and I want to continue doing this to help the team win many things this season.”

Your party in Granada

“I fail in the first half but I never lower my head and I always want to continue. The costumes give me the confidence I need. Everyone encouraged me to get back to my best version.”

The influence of coaches

“All the coaches who have passed through here have given me confidence. After three years training a lot, now I am finding my best version.”

Hopefully they give Benzema the Ballon d’Or. He is a great player “

With more minutes this season

“Having minutes is important for all players. Now I am more prepared to have more minutes. I don’t know if I was before. I hope to help Madrid for many years. I came to learn and I continue to learn. I will do it until my last day here.”


“Now I have been playing with Benzema for a longer time and we know each other better. He is a great player and he always helps me. I want to help him score a lot of goals this season. I hope they give him the Ballon d’Or.”

Baln de Oro

“Everyone wants to win the Ballon d’Or one day. I keep working and I have a lot of time in football. The most important thing is to be good with myself and I work for it.”

The critics

“I’ve always been focused on playing. I don’t think I am a better player now or that I was a worse player before. I always keep the same line. I don’t give importance to what they say about me.”

Future at Real Madrid

“I have always believed that I am going to do great things here. This club has given me so much … I hope to be here for a long time. I feel important and I am very happy here now.”

Bara and Madrid came but I decided to go to Madrid for the project they offered me “

Thinking blank

“I am lucky to be here and I want to be much more. I want to have a great career at Real Madrid like Cristiano, Ramos, Marcelo did … I want to be as long as they did. I have a calm head with my contract, I want to be here long time. “

The Barcelona

“Bara will always improve and more with the change of coach now. We have to continue. I think they will improve with Xavi but I can’t talk about other teams, I focus on Madrid. Bara and Madrid came but I decided go to Madrid for the project they offered me. I always loved the club, Cristiano Ronaldo and more players. “

Racism episode in Barcelona

“It is very sad that these things continue to happen. I do not give importance to people who are crazy. I was enjoying the victory there and I did not want to give it importance. That does not mean that they end this now, it cannot continue to happen.”


“I am not surprised that Brazil does not call me. There are many players and I am very young. There are those with more experience. I am happy for these two games with the national team and I would like to be in the next World Cup.”

Golden Boy a Pedri

“The individual awards are important to gain confidence but the important thing is the collective awards. Pedri’s Golden Boy is deserved. He has had a good season.”

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