Recognition to Dr. Carlos Spanky Vázquez.

The College of Physicians of the Province of Buenos Aires District X imposed the name of “Carlos Alberto Vázquez” on the Higher School of Medical Education, as the entity resolved.

The resolution highlights that since its creation the school has as its purpose: “To promote levels of excellence, scientific improvement and ethical values ​​as a means of enhancing the profession.”

They stressed that from the beginning these objectives are met and that it is necessary “Recognize those leaders who have impregnated with love, work and dedication, contributing significantly to institutional growth ”.

“There are those who have honored with their high morale, his selfless demeanor, and permanent ideological coherence and imposed their stamp on the ESEM ”, they added.

It was the Secretary of Health, Carlos Gabbarini, who especially highlighted the recognition of Spanky Vázquez: “A doctor of those who no longer exist. Of enormous scientific knowledge. A doctor who never stopped studying ”, He stated in his post, which he accompanies with an image of the resolution.

Health Secretary Carlos Gabbarini highlighted Spanky Vázquez’s teaching work

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