Recommendation: Everyone should get a boost after four months

The third corona vaccination dose is now generally possible for all adults (aged 18 and over) four months after the second sting. This clarification comes from the updated recommendations of the National Vaccination Board (NIG) published on Monday. So far, the NIG has only considered this possibility in “justified exceptional cases” – for example after two Astra-Zeneca doses.

In the federal capital in Vienna, even before the latest NIG recommendation was available, the third stitch was released for everyone and also inoculated. “The 3rd vaccination can be carried out from 4 and should be carried out from 6 months after the 2nd vaccination,” says the NIG’s recommendations for use (available at After two vaccinations with vector vaccines (e.g. Astra-Zeneca), the third vaccination four months after the second vaccination is not only possible, but is also “recommended”.

Biontech and Moderna

The recommendation to use mRNA vaccines for the third vaccination remains the same. In this connection, “the same vaccine as used for the previous immunizations should preferably be used”. Since the beginning of November, the Moderna vaccine has generally only been used for people aged 30 and over; this continues to apply. The reason is “international safety reports” on an increased incidence of myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle, note) and pericarditis (inflammation of the pericardium, note), mainly in younger people. Under-30-year-olds should therefore be refreshed with BionTech, but Moderna can also be used for people under 30 years of age if expressly requested. At the same time, the NIG emphasizes the “excellent effectiveness” of the vaccine from Moderna, which has an “unchanged good safety profile” in people aged 30 and over.

In the case of the Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccine originally intended as a “single-use vaccine”, the recommendation continues to apply to a booster dose of an mRNA vaccine after four weeks. Pfizer / Biontech or, for people over 30, Moderna should also be used. The third stitch should then be carried out four to six months later. However, if the second stitch was carried out with Janssen, this interval is shortened to four months.

Incidentally, from January 3rd, those vaccinated with Janssen will have to freshen up in any case in order to maintain the validity of the “Green Passport”, it said on Monday from the Ministry of Health to the APA. As after all second and third vaccinations, the Green Pass is then valid for a further 360 days.

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