Referee disallows goal after seeing replay on mobile phone | international football

A referee invalidated a late goal, in a second division game in Egypt, on Friday, after seeing the repetition of the move… on the mobile phone of one of the members of the support staff for the match.

Without the support of the video referee (VAR) in the second tier of Egyptian football, referee Mohamed Farouk used the mobile phone of a spectator during the match between Suez and Al-Nasr.

The Al-Nasr players were already celebrating the goal that would equalize, but the hosts protested the move, claiming they had the ball. After a long period spent reviewing the images on the mobile phone, the referee decided not to allow the goal.

After the incident, 15 minutes of injury time were given and Suez ended up winning the match 3-1.

At the end of the match, the referee left the field of play under police protection and under protests from the players and staff of Al-Nasr, who threatened to proceed with the challenge of the game for violating the regulations.

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