Regime condemns a 20-year-old youth to 10 months of correctional work with internment

Havana Cuba. – The 20-year-old Armando de Jesús Sardiñas Figueredo was sentenced to 10 months of correctional work with internment in the La Lima camp, in Guanabacoa, after being arrested during the popular protests on July 11 (11J).

The trial against him ―case 452 / 21― was held at the Popular Municipal Court of Diez de Octubre. According to Sardiñas Figueredo himself, the ruling was issued in summary judgment without due procedural guarantees. The crime taken as an excuse to convict him was that of “public disorder”, which applies to anyone who “causes fights or altercations in establishments open to the public (…) or [en] places where many people attend ”, or who“ without justifying cause, in public places, shows or numerous meetings, shouts of alarm, or utters threats of a common danger ”. However, Sardiñas Figueredo did neither.

Post by Armando Sardiñas Figueredo on Instagram / Screenshot

The young man points out that on 11J he was arrested at the Hotel Saratoga portal, located in Paseo del Prado, number 603, on the corner of Dragones (in front of the Capitol), in Centro Habana, while filming the demonstration with his mobile phone and shouting slogans such as “Patria y Vida ”and“ Libertad ”. He emphasizes that when he was captured, the agents applied immobilization keys to lead him to the patrol car, and that during the journey from the gate to the vehicle they beat him with their fists and with their tonfas.

He also adds that when he arrived at the Zanja Police Unit, the agent who received him also hit him, severely, with a cane in the stomach. He was detained from June 11 to August 6.

Sardiñas Figueredo adds that in further retaliation he was expelled from his job at the La Dominica restaurant, located in the Habana Vieja municipality and belonging to the CIMEX corporation. The CIMEX head of human resources, when firing him, told him that they should have sentenced him to at least 10 years and that “counterrevolutionaries” could not work there.

Sanction against Armando Sardiñas Figueredo / Image taken from his Instagram profile

The government repression deployed before, during and after the 11J protests contravenes the text of the new Constitution supposedly approved in 2019, in which article 56 recognizes the right to “assembly, demonstration and association for lawful and peaceful purposes”. Article 54 of the Magna Carta, for its part, establishes that “the State recognizes, respects and guarantees to people the freedom of thought, conscience and expression.”

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