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Every time a person tries to follow Brazilian actress Regina Duarte on Instagram, they receive an alert that their profile usually shares fake news. “Are you sure you want to follow Regina Duarte?” asks the social network.

“This account has repeatedly posted false information that has been reviewed by independent fact-checkers or violates our Community Guidelines,” reads the alert that pops up in the center of the mobile app once a new user clicks “follow” — for now the warning does not appear when accessing Instagram from a computer.

The notice that appears on Instagram

There were many times when Regina Duarteaged 76, who was also special secretary of Culture for former President Jair Bolsonaro, published untruths. Last month, after publishing false information about the Yanomami, the actress also published false news about the electoral process.

In a publication, on Instagram, he released a video by Felipe Marcelo Gimenez, in which the Mato Grosso do Sul prosecutor questioned, without any argument or framing, Lula da Silva’s victory over Jair Bolsonaro in the second round of the Brazilian elections last year.

The prosecutor’s thesis, with which Regina Duarte indicated that she subscribed, was that Lula would have been chosen through an action that had involved the Federal Supreme Court and the Superior Electoral Court.

That same day, Regina Duarte also made a publication where she questioned the validity of vaccines against covid-19. “I worry that we will be subject to the obligation to take one more vaccine. So hasn’t it already been proven that vaccines do not prevent contagion or harmful consequences for our bodies? I prefer the freedom of relying on stimulants and invigorating my defense capacity, that is, my body’s immune capacity,” wrote the actress.

It is not the first time that Regina Duarte is punished by the social network. In November, a publication alluding to a Nazi practice was suspended, after having caused revolt and indignation. And, despite the fact that this publication was deleted, there are many others with anti-democratic messages that are still visible on the artist’s profile.

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