Reinaldo Rueda in Colombian Selection: Ramón Jesurún revealed that he has no intention of firing the coach |  Qatar 2022 Qualifiers |  COLOMBIA

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11/22/2021 10:01 am | Updated 11/22/2021 10:02 am

The Colombia selection could only score one point on the last double date of the Qualifying for Qatar 2022. They lost to Brazil in Sao Paulo and did not go beyond a goalless draw against Paraguay in Barranquilla. Immediately, rumors of a possible dismissal of Reinaldo Rueda they started.

Many point to the coach from Cali because he has not managed to end the team’s lack of goal. They generate options but do not take advantage of them. It was speculated that the Colombian Soccer Federation would look for another DT to secure a place in the World Cup; however, this will not happen.

Ramón Jesurún, president of the FCF, spoke with 6 AM Hoy por Hoy from Caracol Radio and made it clear that Rueda will not leave the Colombian bench, he will continue to be the coach during this process to the World Cup.

“There is no doubt, his name is not in consideration for the change. Professor Rueda has the absolute support of the Executive Committee, as do the players and the coaching staff. This is a qualifying process that has been a bit unusual, difficult, but we continue to have faith and optimism that we are going to return to the World Cup ”said the manager.

The top executive of Colombian football and vice president of FIFA, added that no member of the Executive Committee of the Federation has requested the dismissal of Reinaldo. He explained that there is tranquility in the leadership because Colombia depends on itself.

“None, absolutely none. The Executive Committee has not even touched on the subject. For us that is not touched, the coaching staff … We are depending on ourselves, without depending on external results, we continue to depend on ourselves to search for that desired classification “, he pointed

Jesurún explained that the main problem to be solved is the lack of a goal, of which the coach and the strikers are aware, who score every weekend in their clubs but when they play for the national team they fail to do so.

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