Reinforcements arrive at Naranjeros, Águilas and Tomateros

Naranjeros de Hermosillo, Eagles of Mexicali and Tomateros de Culiacán announce new baseball players who come to reinforce their squads for the rest of the campaign.

New additions

The three teams did not want to waste time and incorporate new players to try to raise their levels of play.

Los Naranjeros de Hermosillo add left-handed reliever to their squad Jeff Singer, who comes from playing in Triple-A with the Philadelphia affiliate. In addition, the pitcher has 42 saves and 18 wins in 202 games, striking out 320 and averaging a 3.25 ERA.

The franchise of the Eagles of Mexicali add gardeners to their squad Leandro castro and Fabricio Macias, in addition to adding to the Cuban Ronier Mustelier to replace the injured Ramón Hernández at third base.

Of the three, the only one who comes with Minor League experience is Fabricio Macias, which in 50 games managed to hit 7 hits, 13 extra-base hits and 12 RBIs.

By Tomateros hire reliever with MLB experience Zach Hartman to reinforce your Bullpen. The right comes from playing with the American Association Milwaukee Milkmen team, with whom in 43 games he achieved averages of 2.45 PCL and 1.05 WHIP.

They all go for the championship

The LMP season is starting and each team wants, while possible, to climb positions to acquire a good position in the table. For this reason, Águilas, Tomateros and Naranjeros do not waste time and receive new players to make the pertinent adjustments and try to reach the top of the league.

Among the three franchises that receive baseball players, the best placed are the Naranjeros, which are tied for first place with Yaquis and Charros; accumulating four victories and two defeats.

However, Águilas and Tomateros have a more complicated situation, as they are located in positions 9 and 8 respectively.

Part of the information taken from the official website of the LMP.

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