Remarkable: Dutch football clubs find the government "too slow" and threaten to open their stadiums to the public themselves


Clubs from the Dutch first and second division want to be able to play their matches with an audience again. According to their interest groups, the empty stadiums have “extended the stretch”. From January 28, fans should be welcome again. “We can no longer play without an audience,” it said in a statement.

Vincent Van GenechtenSource: BELGIAN

Today at 19:48

The clubs call the decision-making in politics too slow. A demonstrative opening of the stadiums is the “inevitable next step”. “Every club will discuss this with its mayor,” the message reads.

The clubs point to foreign countries, where in many cases the public is allowed. “That makes the competitive position almost impossible.” The financial support that football clubs receive from the Dutch government would not be sufficient. “At the moment there is not 100 percent compensation for all the matches that we are forced to play without an audience.”


According to the interest groups, this affects the quality of football. “The long-term damage is very serious.” The closure of the stadiums last season would have cost the sector more than 100 million euros.

The Dutch football stadiums have been closed since November due to an increasing number of corona infections in the Netherlands. A new press conference will be held on Friday evening, but professional football clubs are not expected to have to count on relaxation.

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