Remember 6 times the BBB became a police case

The most successful reality show and audience on Brazilian television, the BBB It’s an entertainment program. Despite this, the attraction displayed by the Globe almost 20 years ago, it also had its controversial moments – and they were not few. On several occasions, the most watched house in Brazil yielded police cases that marked the hottest editions.

One of the editions that were most marked by such controversies was the nineteenth, shown on the Rio de Janeiro station in 2019. Even the winner of the reality show that season received a series of accusations and, although she left the millionaire house, she had to face the police. THE entertain recalled 6 times that the authorities had to intervene in the program and you follow the list below.

BBB 12

Aired by Globo in 2012, the 12th edition of Big Brother Brasil was one of the most controversial due to a case that took place in the first few weeks. On that occasion, participant Daniel was accused of rape of a vulnerable person after the public noticed some movement under the duvet.

He was at the venue with Monique, who had been drinking heavily at one of the parties and was apparently intoxicated. The participant was eventually kicked out of the program the next day. Outside, the process ran for some time, but was eventually shelved.

BBB 17

Marcos Harter loses lawsuit against Globo about expulsion at BBB17, after aggression against Emily Araújo (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

BBB 17 had one of the most controversial expulsions in the history of the reality show. On that occasion, Marcos was expelled from the program after being accused of assaulting Emily Araujo, with whom he had a relationship in the house.

The civil police even opened an inquiry on that occasion to investigate the case. He came to testify and the story still yielded many developments outside the program. Despite everything, Emily ended the attraction in the best way possible: taking home R$ 1.5 million.

BBB 16

The 16th edition of BBB was one of the most acclaimed of the program in the 2010s, above all because of the controversial participation of Ana Paula Renault. And she has already started the game causing by getting involved in a controversy with Laércio.

He left the program after a wall with Ana Paula herself, amid many accusations of pedophilia outside the house. A few years later, he was sentenced to 12 years in prison for storing pornographic material with children and raping a vulnerable person.

BBB 19

Paula Von Sperling

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Paula Von Sperling during BBB 19 (Reproduction)

The last three editions of the BBB ended up turning into police cases. One of the most controversial seasons in the history of reality, the 19th edition ended up crowning Paula Von Sperling as the winner. During her appearance, however, she was heavily criticized outside the house.

At the time, she was accused of racism for some controversial lines she released during the program. In addition, she was even indicted for religious intolerance after claiming to be afraid of Rodrigo, her confinement colleague, for her belief. Although it still lasted for a while, the process was eventually shelved.

And Paula was not the only one to have problems with the police because of her participation. BBB 19 still had rape accusations about participant Vanderson, who was expelled from the program, and a controversy involving Maycon. The brother was denounced for making apology for animal abuse.

BBB 20

One of the most acclaimed editions of all time, Big Brother Brasil 20 also had controversies. At the beginning of the game, Petrix was accused of harassing Bianca for touching her breasts, as well as being accused of rubbing himself against Flayslane.

The case caused the participant to be rejected by the public, causing his expulsion in the second week. In addition, the Rio de Janeiro police opened an investigation and he even testified about the episode.

BBB 21

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Rodolffo and João at BBB 21 (Photo: Reproduction/Globo)

Public and audience success, BBB 21 was a big phenomenon last year. Despite the success of Juliette and Gil do Vigor, the program also had its controversies. One of them involved the singer Rodolffo and the professor João Luiz.

On one occasion, Rodolffo made comments considered racist about João’s hair, which caused an uproar in the house and on social media. The artist was even investigated by the Rio de Janeiro police.

Eliminated with the highest rejection rate in the history of the BBB, Karol Conká also did not escape controversy. She was the subject of complaints for xenophobia because of some lines regarding Juliette. The program’s videos were analyzed and the case ended up shelved.

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