Juca Pirama died or not

On display at Viva, O Salvador da Pátria (1989) ends in November. The novel revolves around the mystery of who killed Juca Pirama (Luis Gustavo) and the relationship between Sassá (Lima Duarte) and Clotilde (Maitê Proença). How did the novel O Salvador da Pátria end?

How did the novel O Salvador da Pátria end?

At the end of the telenovela, it is revealed that Jaime (Valter Santos), Deputy Delegate from Tangará, who works with Delegate Plínio (Antônio Grassi) killed the broadcaster.

The crime happened due to Juca’s involvement with a criminal organization led by Barbara (Lúcia Veríssimo), another Severo’s lover.

Jaime is part of the drug faction rivaling Juca’s, and the radio announcer was considered an obstacle in the way of enemies, so he was murdered. The deputy was also responsible for altering the crime scene to blame Sassá.

Luís Gustavo is Juca Pirama in O Salvador da Pátria – Photo: Reproduction

End of organization

Upon revealing himself as head of the organization that killed Juca Pirama, Barbara confesses that the broadcaster really died and that the messages people heard on the radio were just a form of distraction. The criminal ends the soap opera in prison.

Jaime tells how he managed to kill Juca and Marlene (Tássia Camargo) and confesses that he is also responsible for the death of Neco Carranca (Manuel da Cunha).

The organization tries to flee by plane, but Sassá denounces the flight. The police arrive and there is an exchange of fire. Sidney dies, while Jaime and Roberto surrender.

Dinah takes Clotilde hostage, but ends up being arrested by Pliny.

How did the savior of the homeland end
Bárbara (Lúcia Veríssimo) confesses to being the head of the organization – Photo: Reproduction

Who gets who?

After getting rid of Ricardo (Gracindo Jr.), Sassá and Clotilde live happily ever after with their son, Bruno.

Severo (Francisco Cuoco) and Gilda (Susana Vieira) are also together at the end of O Salvador da Pátria. Barbara, who had become involved with Severus, finishes the novel alone and trapped.

João (José Wilker) stays with Marina (Betty Faria) after unmasking the criminal organization. Rafaela (Narjara Turetta) and Régis (Eduardo Galvão) get married.

Camila (Mayara Magri) stays with Cassio (Thales Pan Chacon), Alice (Suzy Rêgo) joins Paulo (Marcos Paulo).

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