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Back with the character Gui de Verdades Secretas and currently the love interest of Andrea Beltrão in Um Lugar ao Sol, Gabriel Leone is full of projects, to the delight of his fans. The carioca has been living a prominent character around 9 pm and therefore aroused curiosity, remember how the young man’s career began and Gabriel Leone’s work in soap operas.

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Currently, the native of Rio de Janeiro is 28 years old, dates the actress Carla Salle, lives Felipe in Um Lugar ao Sol and was also in the premiere of Verdades Secretas 2, again as the character Guilherme. In the 9 pm telenovela, the boy is the grandson of Ana Virgínia (Regina Braga) and the son of Júlia (Denise Fraga). A psychology student, he was dating Bela (Brunna Martins), best friend of Cecília (Fernanda Marques), but ends up with the girl because of his involvement with Rebeca (Andréa Beltrão).

Character gets involved with an older, married woman – Photo: TV Globo/Reprodução

In Verdades Secretas 2, the actor was Guilherme Lovatelli, a character who died in a car accident in the first chapter of the new season of the novel by Walcyr Carrasco. Bill was a rich, handsome boy who lived a life of luxury supported by his father, a farmer. The boy becomes involved with Angel (Camila Queiroz) throughout the soap opera and witnesses tense moments with the girl, who, upon entering the life of a model, starts making the famous ‘pink book’.

When he lived Gui for the first time in the telenovela Verdades Secretas, in 2015, Gabriel Leone was 22 years old. The role was a watershed in his career and the turning point to make him a household name.

Before the soap operas Um Lugar ao Sol and Verdades Secretas, Gabriel Leone was already appearing on the small screens. He was featured in the serials Malhação (2013 – 2014) and Velho Chico (2016), in addition to the series A Grande Família (2013), Santo Forte (2015), Carcereiros (2017), Os Dias Eram Assim (2017), Where are Born the Strong (2018) and Dom (2021), Amazon Prime Video’s national production that will win a new season.

In theaters, Gabriel Leone appeared in Garoto (2015), Minha Fama de Mau (2019), Piedade (2019) and recently starred in Eduardo and Mônica alongside Alice Braga.

Watch the trailer for the movie inspired by the music of Legião Urbana:


The young man began his acting career in theatre. Early on, he was already on stage, when he was in high school he played Cazuza in an amateur play. After this first experience, Gabriel started studying theater to become a professional.

Before appearing for the first time on television, he was in several plays and acted in shows such as A Megera Domada (2009), Gota D’água (2010), Senhora dos Afogados (2011), Aladin (2012), Caras de Plauto ( 2012), Bailei na Curva (2012), A Vida é Sonho (2013), Rhapsody – O Musical (2013), Os Miseráveis ​​(2013), Snow White (2013), Garotos (2014) and Chacrinha – O Musical (2014 ).

In May 2015, he participated in the episode Bebel e Sua Moto in A Grande Família and made his debut on TV Globo, in the same year Gabriel Leone worked in Malhação and since then the actor’s curriculum has not stopped adding works in soap operas, films and series.

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