Yvete the final clone

Yvete (Vera Fisher) causes a lot of confusion between father and son at the beginning of the novel. The dondoca has an affair with Diogo (Murilo Benício) and also dates Leônidas (Reginaldo Faria), the boy’s father. However, she lies and says that the businessman’s son actually harassed her. Despite the mess she made in her love life, Yvete will have a happy ending in The Clone.

What will Yvete’s finale in The Clone be?

At the beginning of the novel, Diogo admits that he had an affair with Yvete and makes his father furious. “I already know everything, he confesses, but I want you to tell me, I want to hear from you”, says Leonidas. “I didn’t know it was your girlfriend, it was never going to cross my mind that you were arriving together the next day. I didn’t even have time to think if I wanted to, she flew at me”, justifies the son. Yvete, however, says it was Diogo who grabbed her.

The drama will soon be ‘forgotten’, not least because Diogo dies in a helicopter accident. Lucas, his twin brother, is cloned by Albieri (Juca de Oliveira) – the story kicks off the plot written by Glória Perez.

As the novel unfolds, the couple Yvete and Leônidas go through ups and downs. Yvete even gets to marry Armando, but the relationship doesn’t pay off. In the final stretch of O Clone, Leônidas wins custody of Léo, Lucas’ clone, also played by actor Murilo Benício.

In the last chapters, Yvete and Leônidas get married and the dondoca discovers that she will be the mother of twins. Meanwhile, Goddess (Adriana Lessa) manages to prove in court that she is Leo’s mother.

Leônidas (Reginaldo Faria) and Yvete (Vera Fisher) are together at the end of O Clone – Photo: Reproduction

How old was Vera Fisher in The Clone?

One of the main doubts of the spectators was about the age of Vera Fisher, interpreter of Yvete.

The soap opera was shown for the first time in 2001 – that is, the actress was 49 years old. Fisher turned 50 during the recording of Gloria Perez’s serials. Currently, the muse of Brazilian TV is 69 years old.

In the story, Fisher’s character is a beautiful, happy and spontaneous woman who conquers Leonidas. Driven by impulses, she is impetuous and when desire enters the scene, she loses the ability to reason, which has damaged some of her relationships. Dreaming of living a love of cinema, she falls in love with Lucas and Diogo’s father.

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