Renault tram owners can schedule charging

With the aim of promoting the advancement of electric mobility, Renault offers the Mobilize Charge Pass application – which incorporates a search and reservation system for charging points for electric vehicles.

Customers can search for chargers in their region, define the fastest route to them and reserve a spot to recharge the battery. The solution also incorporates the recharge payment process, when necessary, also allowing access to charging stations that charge for charging.

The technology, which was developed in the country in partnership with an electromobility startup, allows other companies to make their smart chargers available in the app. They can register their charging points so that electric vehicle users can charge the battery along their routes.

In addition to recharging, Mobilize offers “Mobilize Share”, a short-term rental service. For the time being, the service is only available to Renault employees at the Ayrton Senna Industrial Complex and at other partner companies located in São Paulo and Paraná. But, there is the intention, soon, to extend to other companies and also to consumers.

To access the system, it is necessary to download the Mobilize Charge Pass app, available free of charge on the Android and IOS platforms, and register the data to start using it. It is important to register a credit card for the payment of recharges, when necessary.

In Salvador, the Brune Concessionaire, an authorized Renault dealer, which belongs to the MC Group, located on Avenida Paralela, recently made two stations available for free charging.

To charge the battery of the Kwid E-Tech model to 100%, for example, it takes 4 hours. Scheduling is available through the app.

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