“Rennervations” trailer: Jeremy Renner with reality show on Disney+

What is Rennervations about?

The four episodes show Renner in his great passion: repairing cars. At first glance, that sounds neither particularly exciting nor philosophically challenging, rather the concept sounds like high-horsepower and testosterone-saturated macho posturing.

But Renner has so much more to offer than that (it would have surprised us, too): because the Hollywood star whips these (very special) vehicles into shape in order to make them available to communities around the world, whose Life is made easier by these vehicles.

“I buy these decommissioned government vehicles to reinvent them to serve the community again, just in a different way. I wanted to do it for communities and help children in need around the world,” explains Renner in the trailer. “The only difference between madness and courage is a plan… I hope this shows how easy it is to make a big difference in other people’s lives.”

So quite philosophical, Herr Renner. And something like the personified hymn to the good in people.

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