Renny Osuna's shadow chasing the Sharks?

We are going to analyze if the shadow of Renny Osuna is chasing the La Guaira Sharks in the LVBP in this opinion article.

Since Renny Osuna was named as manager in the 2019-2020 season of the Sharks, where he classified the salty in the first place, winning the “Manager of the Year” award and then led the team to the semifinal where they were swept in games very hard-fought except for the first of that series against the Caribs.

Although Sharks qualified after two years in a row of being eliminated under the command of Ozzie Guillén, the salty did not repeat Osuna and decided to appoint Gustavo Molina for the 2020-2021 season, who had a 1-9 start and was fired, where Russell Vasquez was appointed helmsman, who did a good job, but the team was eliminated.

In this 2021-2022 campaign, the team did not repeat Vásquez and named the manager that the management had been waiting for so long as Dennis Malavé, who after 26 games leaving a mark of 11-15 is fired and is appointed as new helmsman Jackson Melian .

That is, since they did not repeat Renny Osuna, 4 managers have passed the salty season and a half, where until now they have not made the playoffs.

Renny Osuna’s shadow chasing the Sharks?

I believe that more than one fan of the Sharks will be asking this question at this moment, because for whatever reasons, Renny Osuna in his only year as manager in the LVBP was successful, because he won the Manager of the Year award, he classified from first to some Sharks that showed a great nucleus and in the semifinal against the Caribes they started with a slight favoritism.

Then the salty ones eliminated the Lions in the first round of the playoffs and although they were swept by the Caribs in the semifinal, except for game 1, the rest were matches that were defined by very specific details.

Situations of the management of the shark cave, plus what happened in Puerto La Cruz, did not make Osuna see as a person capable of leading a team.

He has a 10-game suspension pending to meet, but beyond that, is that he classified some Sharks and in first place, who had been eliminated in the elimination round in two consecutive years.

Osuna’s image for many was not the best when he spat at the referee in the last game of the semifinal in Puerto La Cruz, but it was a mistake that earned him 10 suspension games, which are fulfilled in two weeks of the tournament and that’s it,

But we have not finished two seasons and since the Renny thing happened, the salty ones have had 4 managers, so it would have been interesting if Osuna were given the opportunity to repeat with the organization.

So as long as the salty ones do not win, they continue from manager to manager being eliminated, I think that that image or the shadow of Renny Osuna will be in the minds of more than one shark fan, because I insist, he did a bad action, he was given a punishment that he must pay, but that does not take away from him the great feat he carried out in the 2019-2020 harvest.

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