North Korea reportedly fired two missiles into the Sea of ​​Japan on Wednesday, South Korean military sources reported.


North Korea denounces maneuvers by South Korea and the United States.

The nuclear-armed North “has launched an unidentified projectile into the Sea of ​​Japan,” which separates the Korean peninsula and Japan, the staff committee of the South Korean armed forces said in a statement.

Minutes later, the South Korean Army indicated that there were two ballistic missiles fired by Pyongyang.

For their part, military sources in Japan registered two missiles fired from the center of North Korea. The Japanese authorities assured that the projectiles fell outside the Exclusive Economic Zone of Japan and that they did not enter its territory either.

Wednesday’s launches come after the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) announced on Monday successful trials of a new model of long-range cruise missile over the weekend.

North Korea is subject to international sanctions for its weapons and ballistic missile programs, which it claims to develop to prevent a US invasion.

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