Alberto Fernández signed agreements with the CGT and CTA for the allocation of housing.

The General Secretary of the CGT, Hector Daer, regretted this Wednesday the “political crisis” that was unleashed by the inmates in the Government and questioned the decision of some Christian ministers for having made their resignation available after the electoral defeat.

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“The change of cabinet has to be ordered by the President. What seems to me is very hasty that, without having agreed with the President, there have been resignations, “Daer said at a press conference.

On the afternoon of this Wednesday the small table of the General Confederation of Labor, led by Daer and Carlos Acuna, held a meeting to discuss the last organizational details of the Confederal Central Committee that will take place on the 22nd.

Of course we ratify the support for the President. Not that we ratified it, that was never in doubt. The President must have the temperance to cope with this crisis and find the conducive paths for institutions, for democracy and for the future of our country, ”said the union member.

In that sense, he added: “We accompany calling for the unity of the workers and the labor movement, and making a clear look of institutional defense in the investiture of those who govern ”.

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At the meeting there were numerous sectors of the labor movement, even with confederate unions that do not participate in the Directing Council.

Alberto Fernández hugs Héctor Daer.

This meeting had been called for the analysis and perspectives of the entire electoral process in the CGT that is being carried out by the unit, with a view to the confederal that will be on the 22nd and that will culminate on November 11 with the renewal of authorities.

From the events that are public around the government, everything has been debated, admitted Daer. “As a democratic institution, of collective representation of all workers, we also defend the country’s institutional framework within the constitutional parameters,” said the trade unionist.

Daer also noted that the CGT will hold a march on October 18, with three axes: development, production and work, which are the fundamental issues that must be the political and social agenda of the coming times, as specified. “That is the look of the country that we workers have,” said Daer.

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Regarding the primary elections, the general secretary of the CGT said: “Each one is still finding a diagnosis of where it failed and why it failed, and what are the errors that made the vote the way it was voted.”

“I do not want to miss this opportunity because also as CGT we want to make a very clear call to the institutionality of our country, to the democratic institutions of the authorities that took office in 2019. Today we are experiencing a major political crisis, ”Daer lamented.

By the Buenos Aires correspondent.

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