Resort tax: plus three million

In Essentuki, resort tax rates exceeded last year’s. According to the Department of Economic Development and Trade of the city administration, in the first nine months of 2021, the municipality succeeded – three million rubles more than last year.

Although many events, which previously attracted thousands of guests, were canceled due to the pandemic, nevertheless, citizens still choose Essentuki for treatment and recreation, and the sanatorium industry shows a constant increase in the number of tourists.

“For nine months of 2021, the health and hotel complexes of the city took 122 thousand 960 people for rest and treatment. At the same time, for the whole last year, this figure was 106 thousand 372,” the Essentuki administration noted.

The funds (and this is about 80 million rubles), collected in 2020, have already been directed to the development of the city. A 19 million contract was signed for the improvement of the northern part of the Kurortny Park. There have already been installed 69 urns and eight trellises that enclose the trees. A large workout area with an area of ​​568 square meters has appeared. Green spaces occupied 1275 “squares”. A lawn has been sown on the territory of almost a hectare. The workers planted 78 maples and 8,533 bushes, including boxwood, barberry, privet and thuja, as well as flowers – various varieties of hosts, astilba and catnip.

“For the remaining almost 60 million rubles, estimate documentation is now being developed. It is planned that these funds will be directed to the improvement of the Kurortny Park. Toilets will be repaired here, they will be free. They will also equip the leisure area, replace the tiles,” added the mayor’s office.

The lighting will also change. It will be made in such a way as to emphasize the beauty of the park at night and create a unique atmosphere for vacationers and local residents. For this, the so-called backlighting of green zones will be mounted. Small architectural forms will also appear throughout the park.

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