Restaurant of the “best chef in the world” loses Michelin star | Gastronomy

The Parisian restaurant chef Guy Savoy, in the Monnaie district, has lost one of its Michelin stars, the Michelin Guide confirmed this Monday, according to the France-Presse agency (AFP).

Since 2002 the chef The 69-year-old held three Michelin stars in Paris, at the restaurant overlooking the Seine that he named after himself, Guy Savoy.

Last November, Savoy was for the sixth consecutive year chosen by La Liste as the best chef in the world, and the Paris restaurant was also considered the best in the world between 2017 and 2020.

“These are exceptional restaurants so, as you can imagine, these decisions are carefully considered, supported by numerous visits by our inspectors throughout the year,” Gwendal Poullennec, head of the Guide, told AFP.

The reasons for the third star drop are not made public, only communicated to the cooks involved. “For such important decisions, we rely not only on French inspectors, but also on those from other countries”, added Poullennec.

In the latest edition of the Michelin Guide, which will be published next Monday, around 20 other French restaurants will also have lost one of two Michelin stars, after two years without descent, so that the difficulties felt in the catering sector would not worsen. during the pandemic.

In addition to his talent for cooking, Guy Savoy has already voiced one of the characters in the animated film Ratatouillein its French version, and leads the French Heritage and Food Cultures Mission.

The eponymous restaurant in the French capital opened in 1980 and received its first two stars just five years later, in 1985. It was around that time that it hired Gordon Ramsay, a young man just starting his career, who today describes Guy Savoy as his mentor.

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