Restricted zones for unmanned vehicles are planned to be created in Russia

Restricted zones for unmanned vehicles are planned to be created in Russia


Restricted areas for the movement of unmanned vehicles may appear in Russia. This issue is planned to be discussed by the members of the working group on coordinating the positions of regulators, traditional market participants, suppliers and developers of new technological and business solutions in the field of “Autonet”.

As the Vedomosti newspaper reports with reference to the members of the working group and the official involved in the development of rules for unmanned vehicles, the initiative came from the Federal Security Service (FSB), but the topic was included in the agenda by the Ministry of Transport.

It is clarified that the security forces want to ban the travel of an unmanned vehicle in the area of ​​the Moscow Kremlin, as well as around the Central Department Store and GUM.

Deputy Head of the Center for Traffic Management (TSODD) of the Moscow Government – Head of the Situation Center Alexander Yevsin told the publication that today “the draft Federal Law” On Highly Automated Vehicles “is being discussed, which generally allows their use on public roads.” As he noted, exclusion zones can be created in places where the use of unmanned vehicles can pose a threat to the safety of citizens, as well as problems for traffic or “other negative factors that should be assessed by authorized organizations – from traffic safety bodies to state security services.”

According to the newspaper, there will be no problems with the technical regulation of the ban on entry to certain zones. “This can be done by prescribing restricted areas in the software or by installing physical fences and signs that the drone recognizes,” said a source familiar with the working group members.

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