It will be this Thursday when the Electoral Commission of the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP) offers the results of the elections in which the board of directors that will direct it in the next three years is chosen.

At 10:20 on Wednesday night, only eight minutes from the sectionals had arrived, insufficient to issue the first bulletin, which must be 25%, equivalent to 39 minutes.

Juan Martínez, vice president of the Electoral Commission, stated that the number is not representative to give a virtual winner of the ADP.

At that time, there were still the largest sections that were counting the votes, said the teacher.

Martínez stated that the commission will keep working through the night with the count until reaching the total of 155 minutes.

The results of Los Alcarrizos, Santo Antonio de Guerra, Santo Domingo Norte, Maimón and Peralvillo they were part of those who had reached the moment when Martínez’s statements were made.

Some 106,000 teachers were able to vote in the ADP elections, in which 13 teacher boards participated.

The commission called on no candidate is declared the winner until the first bulletin is issued.

PLD declares itself its winning candidate

From the early hours of this Wednesday, the leadership of the opposition Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) was the winner of the elections in the ADP. They used social networks to congratulate the candidate of the purple organization, Eduardo Hidalgo. In fact, he thanked him through Twitter. Thank you teachers! Hope returned to the teaching profession! ”, He published.

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