Return to face-to-face classes: UG postpones returning to classrooms due to COVID infections in Guanajuato

León, Guanajuato.- The return to face-to-face school activities at the University of Guanajuato (UG) will be postponed for a month, This was confirmed by the institution through a statement released tonight.

Through its social networks the UG announced that it will be until February 14 when face-to-face activities will resume.

But nevertheless, Activities will begin virtually on January 24, as planned in the school calendar. School procedures will also be carried out virtually.

As for the managerial and administrative activities, these will be developed with the necessary presence.

The decision was made to avoid COVID infections, as its Omicron variant has accelerated infections and this escalation of infections will continue.

In a video that accompanied the statement, the rector Luis Felipe Guerrero Agripino stated that “circumstances lead us to take a position, the council of rectors and rectors of campus and of the entire upper secondary school chaired by his servant have assumed a position in the current circumstances ”.

It was pointed out that there are two essential factors in this situation:

  • the application of vaccines among the community
  • but also “the presence of the Ómicron variant with an important expansion that is considerably increasing infections”.

In this video, the infectious disease expert and graduate of this institution Alejandro Macías Hernández pointed out that this decision is taken due to the risk involved in an activity such as returning to classes in person.

“We are going to have a very intense activity in the first weeks of the year, of a real steep in the number of cases. It is estimated that a part of the population will become ill in the course of January and February ”, warned Alejandro Macías Hernández.

“The world had never faced a similar situation with a virus of this intensity in its transmission, so we have to be very cautious in these first weeks.”

Whoever says they know what to do, I think they are lying, since there is no precedent situation, “he added.

He stressed that “precaution is appropriate, the safeguarding of everyone’s health is appropriate. At this time it is not convenient to return to face-to-face academic activities ”.

We would like to see each other all over again, but right now is just not a good time to go back to class, “he added.

Macías Hernández himself pointed out that his expert colleagues estimate that in the first days of February there will be a drop in cases and a safer return to classes will be possible.


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