The act included a revelation by a federal deputy on the retaliation of the National Congress to the Public Prosecutor's Office (Photo Reproduction)

Federal deputy tells the backstage of the National Congress and leaves men in the judiciary worried

The act included a revelation by a federal deputy on the retaliation of the National Congress to the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Photo Reproduction)

During the protest for the Constitutional Amendment Proposal 05/2021, on the afternoon of Wednesday (13), in the auditorium of the Attorney General of the MPMS (State Public Ministry), federal deputy Dagoberto Nogueira (PDT) opened the game for the representatives of the Judiciary that participated in the act against the text that is scheduled to be voted on today at the National Congress.

“They’re counting votes right now and it won’t be voted today unless they feel they won’t get enough votes. What happens is that Congress makes a move to try to weaken the Public Ministry. But for me, weakening the MP is weakening the fight against corruption. I’m on the side of the MP for ideological reasons”, said the congressman.

The movement behind the scenes is due to the actions of prosecutors who in the past included the names of politicians in the agency’s actions. “There is a reaction from Congress to the MP. They need to be careful with their actions, coming with television first in actions. The repercussions of this for the political class are irreversible. And that is why they are seeking retaliation”, he revealed.

Dagoberto even cited an example of when he was a candidate for the Senate. “The MP included me in the action after three years that I had already left Detran. I hadn’t hired the employee, the company. And they were only arrested because of the system I implemented. But at the time I was denounced and I became a bandit. And only after the elections had passed did they show that they didn’t find anything with my name, but I had already lost the elections.”

For the Attorney General of Justice, Alexandre Magno, the Judiciary must react. “It was good to hear the deputy talk about what the National Congress really is. The thing is done to God will give. Enough, either Brazil fixes it or the institutions will collapse. Things are being handled in a non-republican way. This PEC wants to do is to put control to the public prosecutor, to the judiciary. We will react. If they think they’re going to shut us up, they’re going to intimidate us, they’re wrong,” he said.

PEC 005 – PEC 005/2021, among other things, empowers the CNMP (National Council of the Public Ministry) to review or deconstruct acts practiced by Attorneys and Prosecutors in administrative procedures and in legal proceedings. “Mutatis mutandis”, it is as if the CNJ, which is not a jurisdictional body, could review or reverse sentences and judgments handed down by judges and courts in specific cases. This is not external control. This is control of the merits of decisions.

Such a change would weaken the Public Ministry, as well as denature and make the functioning of the CNMP itself unfeasible, which would no longer be an external control body to be a true jurisdictional body, with the challenge of analyzing the merits of all decisions taken by more than 15 thousand Attorneys and Prosecutors who act before the various branches and instances of federal and state jurisdiction.

The proposal, if approved, could compromise the proper functioning of the entire Justice System and even of the external control bodies themselves, such as the CNMP, thus harming the interests of Brazilian society.

The PEC also increases the power of influence of Congress in the CNMP, as it increases from two to three the vacancies indicated by the Legislative, also allowing the function of National Corregedor to be exercised by someone outside the career.

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