REVIEW.  'Billie vs Benjamin' by Tim Van Aelst and Dries Vos: Left vs.  right ***

Only between the sheets Billie and Benjamin are in complete agreement. Their worlds collide with their feet on the ground. There is a series with the heart in the right place. But also with clichés.

A narrator who welcomes you at the start of the episode: rarely has it worked as well as in Billie vs. Benjamin, the series from the house of trust called Shelter. Not only because Triggerfinger frontman Ruben Block still has something on hand, but also because the narrator-on-the-beach gives the series something surreal. She is, in part. Romance, tragedy and comedy come together around the not so crazy idea of ​​a real estate agent with right-wing ideas and a thrift shop girl with left-wing views who fall in love. Well seen from the screenwriters: it is mainly their environment that drives them into opposing camps. In addition to Ward Kerremans and Charlotte Timmers, you immediately get two more handsome roles, by Jeroen Perceval and Joke Emmers.

Billie vs. Benjamin overflowing with good intentions, but that comes at a price. That the plot will turn into a telephoned street, until there. It is a shame that the clichés and Bond Zonder Naam dialogues gradually win over the spicy text. This does not alter the fact that the series offers room for nuance, humor and hope. That’s a lot in these polarized times.

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