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What they enjoy

  • HyperMotion system
  • Much more football concept
  • Organized defense
  • Less emphasis on zigzagging
  • Greater emphasis on all statistics

What bothers me

  • Minimum career changes
  • The disproportion of the success of ranged and lime missiles
  • Real shift on the next gene only

With the new football season, there is, as always, the new year of the FIFA series. The second in a row, which will be released in the next-gen version, but the difference between them is striking. This time, without a doubt, the developers have already focused on the new generation, and the experience of it has really moved it forward. Will it happen to us after so many years that we can really enjoy the new fif?

Career on the other track

Although career mode is still an important component in FIFA games, it is certainly no longer the biggest pillar, and this can also be seen in the fact that the authors can afford to leave it almost unchanged in the new year. It should be noted, however, that this progress took place last year, and it is certainly not appropriate to insult EA that this year’s career in distributing innovations was more in line for toilets, while other regimes were waiting for what they would take away from developers.

The next-gen version of the game handles not only the faces but also the hair of world stars

So it’s relatively simple. If you play a career and enjoy it, you will enjoy it this year as well. Following last year’s example, you can finally influence simulated matches throughout their course, which is a key element for me personally. Playing all the matches of the career regime can be quite killing, and moreover, you don’t see the shift of your charges so quickly. The best way for me is a combination of both options, where on your way through the season you simply play important matches that you fancy and leave the rest to artificial intelligence, with the fact that you have an influence on their course, and still keep you feeling that you are the coach of the team, and not just the spectator in the stands, who will do nothing with the events on the field after the opening whistle.

If you play a career and enjoy it, you will enjoy it this year as well

However, the elements that would quite possibly deserve it did not undergo the change either. Above all, the system of morality and wrestling practice is quite superficial, and although it is already established in the series, it is still in the game just to the eye. Each discussion with the players and the media will give you a few options, and each is additionally marked with a symbol that clearly shows the reaction you will receive. In the finals, you only have the opportunity to constantly praise your players and keep yours laughing like marijuana parties, or to be really disgusting with them and lower their morale. There is simply no middle ground where you can politely explain to players that their requirements do not correspond to reality, or that it is no longer the cornerstone of your team.

FIFA 22_20211008115759.jpg
Before the start of important matches, you will enjoy footage from the arrival of teams and fans

The match practice system, on the other hand, can give your players a relatively nice bonus to their basic rating, and especially if you are just pulling a young man into the A team who is to be the star of your next generation, this element will definitely help you a lot. But why you get wrestling practice even during training and you prefer not to improve the specific skills of players through training, it remains a mystery to me. When a player didn’t play a sharp match in real football for two months, didn’t he go to practice? Of course he walked, but then he constantly solves the fact that he lacks wrestling practice. Because, as the name suggests, he gets it from matches.

Various negotiations on transfers and other managerial decisions also remain unchanged. You can meet your counterparts in the office, for dinner and the like to discuss what you have in mind. However, films and press releases remain without dubbing, so you only have to rely on subtitles, which significantly undermines authenticity. Overall, my career is definitely not going badly, I was quite happy about it last year and this year it’s actually the same, which just doesn’t have to be sorry at all. But if I only played a career, I probably wouldn’t buy a new fifa because of it (and I would definitely not buy it on an old generation of consoles or a PC).

Ultimate Team has changed vůbec just that at all

The FIFA Ultimate Team is regularly the most important component of the FIFA series. It basically works as a live service, constantly bringing in new content and benefiting from microtransactions so much that EA makes more money than the game itself. So it’s no wonder that every year, developers need to think hard to come up with something that makes players feel like they’re playing a new game in this mode.

FIFA 22_20211012154926.jpgFIFA 22_20211012160034.jpgFIFA 22_20211012160135.jpg
The fights on the field look really great, Souček, for example, had his face

No significant news is being added this year. In general, there have only been changes to the Division Rivals promotion system, where you will play every season for the best rewards every week and fight to enter the weekend league. You can no longer fall from higher divisions, as was the case before, and if you get somewhere, you can be sure that you will stay in that rank. The reward system has also undergone a change, which will offer you new items for advancing to the weekend league or for seasonal performance. However, advancement to the weekend league is much more uncertain. The “play-off”, which used to take the form of a tournament, has returned. One loss and you’re out. Now you just have to win five matches out of nine and the progress to the weekend is yours. However, making the entry into the most important competition conditionally opens the scissors between the players who are just entering the game and those who are already fully equipped in terms of team and skills. In my opinion, this is not a completely happy decision.

Preview packs also remain in the game. Although these are only packages from the basic menu, so forget about promo loot boxes, but at least you can try your luck at least once a day, and the game draws you more to turn it on daily. Overall, of course, FUT is still riddled with microtransactions through and through, but you can build a decent team without them. So the changes in the Ultimate Team are not fundamentally fundamental, but why also change what works so well.

FIFA 22_20211008113026.jpg
Volta Arcade minigames can entertain you when they are available

Such secondary regimes, which stand somewhere nearby at the side line, are then the classically common seasons, for clubs and also Volta. For clubs and seasons, they remain as always. Volta has freed yourself from trying for a storyline and will simply take you into the world of street football on a small field, where you will play against other players. The novelty is mainly arcade minigames, which at first glance looked quite tempting. But for some reason they were only available to me for one of the really large portions of test hours, and unfortunately I didn’t understand why. At first, the game wrote me that they would be available in twenty hours. After twenty hours they were really there, I played them and the next day they were gone again. If the developers wanted to lure Volta players into this, it would probably be better if the news was available now and again.

Next generation football … really

But where the new FIFA really scores is the next-gen and its gameplay. After many years, we find that FIFA brings a much more football experience and a significant shift. It brings a real next-gen feel and gets the series a good bit ahead. I didn’t even want to believe it anymore, after years of the series more or less trampling on the spot and just hoping to appease the players by improving the FIFA Ultimate Team milk cow, Volta mode and small shifts in gameplay.

FIFA 22_20211008120044.jpg
The coaches are no longer graphically neglected

This year, however, we have really come to experience a new generation of football. FIFA has changed drastically and in terms of gameplay it is a completely new, better game. The movement of the players is much more believable and it is far more difficult to maintain constant control over the ball. Any mistake can cost you a lost balloon, the pressure on the player has a much greater effect on his control and you have to send the ball from the foot as soon as possible. There’s really no stone left unturned in the style of playing in recent years, and while a well-used handle can still be an effective weapon, it’s definitely not going to be a chain of five loops behind you as if you’re trying to do circus tricks rather than playing football. No, this year you will really have to engage your football mind with individual skills on the balloon.

In the style of playing in recent years, there is really no stone left unturned, and although a well-used handle can still be an effective weapon, it will definitely not be a chain of five loops behind each other.

Although the combination of a moving player with high speed and good skills on the balloon is still the king of all attributes, this year you can bet much more on hulks like Haalanda, who can decide matches using their powerful character. Overall, they managed to balance their skills relatively well so that they could feel more influence again, but especially even weaker players no longer show that they are almost unplayable.

FIFA 22_20211008123423.jpg
The career simulator allows you to hold the reins of the match even when you are not playing alone

The defenders, whose movement on the field seems much more organized and the rest of the team helps them more, have gone through a huge boost, so the defense is usually relatively compact and the attackers find it much harder this year. However, the goalkeepers, who are far too good in close-up situations, have the credit for that, and the most effective way to the goal is to shoot from behind the lime with the help of timed shot mechanics, which this year has made usable again after years. On the other hand, if you like to get into the lime with the combination and score every goal right into the kitchen, the goalkeepers will incredibly bother you and make the tricks chances that your opponent won’t even sweat. However, the following patch is supposed to fix this ailment, and although I generally take patches from EA with a grain of salt, I believe that the game will solve the most pressing problem in this respect.

The Hyper Motion system is also commendable, which I honestly didn’t trust too much. Every year before the release, EA comes up with some great tweaks that take the experience to the next level, but it’s not always true. This year, however, the players really move more naturally and it is known not only when looking but also when playing alone. It is much more difficult for the player to easily control the balloon in every situation, every extra kick can mean a loss and in general you have to pay a little more attention to what you do with the balloon. Defensive skills are also much more evident, but mostly only in a positive direction. The worse defender will no longer buy one mistake after another. But the better one will do something extra.

An annual classic

In terms of graphics, of course, no major shift can be expected, because last year’s FIFA made a big difference for next-gen. Individual strands of hair, overall better details and other details that significantly helped the visual experience in close-ups. But what you will also feel is a much smoother running of the game, and in this combination, the experience grows significantly again compared to the old gene. As for the authenticity of various matches and leagues, as always, FIFA adheres to its standard and brings graphics of various competitions with everything, trying to add statistics and bring the experience closer to real football. The only thing that can be criticized in this respect is that in order to compete with Kona, FIFA has to do without some big clubs such as Juventus Turin, but only the club symbols and team name are replaced, so you can continue to play with all the stars.


Yes Yes Yes. Finally, after years of loyalty, despite the unfinished, burnt-out years of punctured mechanics, we’ve had it and FIFA is heading in a more football-oriented direction. In a direction that suits her very well on the new generation of consoles. FIFA has shifted its gameplay most significantly in a few years and finally gives us the experience that football fans deserve. In the absence of eFootball, we are quite possibly looking at the definitive emergence of a monopoly on the football market, and the UFL will find it very difficult this year if it tries to break through. The choice of players on the next gene should be clear.

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