REVIEW.  'Shadow plays' by Craig Taborn: The solo pianist of the moment *****

Now that Chick Corea is no longer with us, Keith Jarrett is no longer able to and Herbie Hancock rarely or never performs completely alone, the question arises: who is the best solo pianist on the current jazz scene? Our entirely subjective answer: Craig Taborn. On March 2 last year, just before corona plunged us into a global depression, the American from Minneapolis gave a solo concert at the Wiener Konzerthaus. In seven improvised pieces (de facto spontaneous compositions), Taborn shows what he is capable of: virtuoso piano playing, sometimes whirling, sometimes subdued, always fascinating. Afterwards, Taborn gave the pieces titles, such as Discord, harmony on Concordance Discord, which, strangely enough, fit the music perfectly. Taborn challenges the listeners, leads them along unsuspected paths to an immersive listening experience – especially in the more than 18 minutes long title piece. And at the end he unleashes the lyricist in him in Now in hope. Wonderful. On November 13, Taborn will play in duo with the Belgian pianist Alex Koo at Flagey, in Brussels.

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