Eddie Izzard (links) en Cush Jumbo in ‘Stay close’.

Eddie Izzard (links) en Cush Jumbo in ‘Stay close’. ©  James Stack

Stay close together in the sofa: that is the motto for this exciting British miniseries full of old acquaintances.

Stay close is the umpteenth film adaptation of a thriller by Harlan Coben, the American who sold 75 million books in 45 languages ​​and hit the jackpot in 2018 when Netflix gave him a bag of money to bring 14 of his books to TV. Safe in The stranger became excellent British miniseries, The woods went to Poland, The innocent to Spain and Gone for good to France. Stay close was allowed to stay in England again, with James Nesbitt (of Cold feet, a must-see British series) as a worn-out sleuth who, while digging in a 17-year-old disappearance case, encounters an old flame, played by Sarah Parish (of Mistresses, another British series you must see). A striking role is played by Eddie Izzard, the stand-up comedian who has been addressed as “she” for a year, but in this series portrays a drug-addicted lawyer.

Stay close is old-fashioned thrilling, with a special mention to two hitmen straight out of the movie Mary Poppins have run away. Doing a stylish dance and then cutting someone’s throat: it’s possible.(Tom from Leur)

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