Yellow On Air - Ricardo Barros

The leader of the government in the Chamber, Ricardo Barros, says he can only thank Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) for putting him in the crosshairs of Covid’s CPI, after deputy Luís Miranda (DEM-DF) associated him with that “ roll” in the purchase of vaccines. Without skimping on irony, Barros told the Yellow On Air this week, thanks to the CPI, which has become a nationally known figure and now has the support of the Pocket Narist base.

“I’ll thank Renan Calheiros and company. They made me a national figure. I was able to become known nationally. My going to the CPI was a turning point. When I went to the CPI, the CPI started going downhill and hasn’t come back,” said Barros. According to him, the CPI report even helps President Jair Bolsonaro in next year’s campaign, by reinforcing the thesis that the “DNA to fight corruption” is in the government.

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