Ricardo Tuca Ferretti: Ignacio Fantasma Suárez says that he lacked 150 dollars to leave Mexico and then he arrived at Pumas

CDMX.- Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti reached 500 victories in Liga Mx e Ignacio ‘Ghost’ Suarez He said that in the 70’s, the now technician arrived at Atlas, but there was a time when he was going to return to Brazil, but he lacked 150 dollars to be able to leave; Later, he arrived in Pumas and from there, his story began in Mexico.

‘Ghost’ Suarez said that Ricardo ‘Tuca’ Ferretti came to Mexico to play with Atlas, but it did not go well for him, since the red and black team relegated in the 77-78 season.

‘Tuca’ Ferretti tried to continue in Mx League, but he did not succeed, and he had financial problems, because he had spent money on alcohol.

He didn’t have money to return to Brazil, he already wanted to leave, but he didn’t pay for the plane ticket, which cost him 500 dollars and he had 350”, said ‘Fantasma’ Suárez.

‘Tuca’ Ferretti currently directs FC Juárez

Tuca’ Ferretti traveled to the Embassy of Brazil, from Guadalajara to Mexico City, traveling by bus, and settled there, sleeping on some benches, since he did not have money to rent a room in a hotel, but they did not give him financial resources to be able to return to his country.

Subsequently, ‘Tuca’ Ferretti He traveled to Guadalajara and began to play in the League of Animals, where some former Liga Mx players or players who did not make it to the Guadalajara teams were active: Atlas, Chivas and Leones Negros.

There he came to play, they took him from town to town and ‘Tuca’ began to get paid to stay”, added ‘Fantasma’.

The journalist says that ‘Tuca’ told him that in that League of Animals the good thing was when there were “beers, carnitas and tequila”, playing for more than six months.

Someone told Miguel Mejía Barón: ‘There’s that Brazilian who used to play for Atlas, he’s banging around, it’s going to be cheap for you.’ Mejía Barón located him and told him: ‘Come to Pumas’ and he arrived at Pumas. Who would have thought that it would become a Pumas banner? If someone had lent him 150 dollars to complete the 500, the story of ‘Tuca’ would have ended differently”, said ‘Fantasma’ Suárez.

‘Tuca’ Ferretti played for Pumas, Neza, Rayados and Toluca, ending his career as a footballer in the team of the ONE in 1991, after the Liga Mx title, with a goal of his in the final against América.

Ghost’ Suarez highlighted ‘Tuca’ Ferretti as a technician in Mx League, winning seven titles, five with tigers, one with Pumas and another one with Chivas, as well as the 500 wins he has obtained as technical director in Mexican soccer.

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