Rico and Solange unite and detonate Dayane

Solange Gomes e Rico Melquiades started the confinement in The Farm 13 with a big fight, the first of the season. Now, however, the two pawns are getting closer and have decided to team up to criticize another participant in the reality show of the Record TV: to model Dayane Mello. “People are even angry that we like it and have joy in our hearts for loving an animal,” said Solange, who heard from Rico that the current farm is the best.

Do you know what happens? She is bitter, she is dry. So she can’t admire anything true. You’re welcome“, criticized the ex-Banheira do Gugu, referring to Dayane. “You’re looking, the canine, with me. She’s going to meet me today”, fired the comedian, who got up, walked by Dayane and sang a version of ‘Erva Poisnosa’, a hit by singer Rita Lee.

In the lyrics, Rico used the term “canine snake”, which was a hit last week. “Poisonous, eh. Canine snake, ê ê. It’s worse than rattlesnake snake, canine snake is cruel‘. […] She’ll see. He wants to stir it up”, he hummed.

Discussion with MC Gui

During the voting of the last farm, Solange Gome ended up having a live discussion with MC Gui, who voted for her. “My vote goes to Sol. We have personal problems with coexistence and we’ve already had some friction. Today, it’s much more a strategy of wanting her instead of a friend in the country”, stated the artist.

Annoyed, Solange responded and stated that she was not surprised to be chosen by the funkeiro. “Already knew. He is like that, braggart. Speak, speak, speak and say that he did not speak. he has little friction with me“, she said. The two pawns then exchanged barbs.

“Little? Do you talk about my family, music, my work and is this friction small?”, the singer wanted to know. “Rico calls him a sucker and he keeps fawning over Rico whenever possible, especially after Rico has taken his hat. I’m watching you, love. Relax, I’m not talking about your family“, said the ex-Banheira do Gugu.

Criticized MC Gui

After the fight, in conversation with Marina Ferrari, Solange claimed that MC Gui asked his girlfriend to marry him to improve his image. “Come here and play the passionate bridegroom. This is an advisory strategy, my love.. He forgets that I have 48 in the carcass”, he fired.

“If he came up with this strategy, then it’s very bad. Because he is attached to the girl”, criticized Marina. “Ah, but he came, right? This good-guy strategy, fixes the bed, puts the puppy’s picture. Think I don’t know? Am I sleeping here? he thinks he is justin biebercomplained Solange.

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