See who won the farmer's test
Rich in The Farm 13 (Image: Playback/Record TV)

Rico Melquiades bid farewell to his reign in The Farm 13 this week. The former farmer was replaced by Dayane Mello, who won the competition on Wednesday night (13) and became the newest “boss” of the Record TV. Before the task, the pedestrians talked with the presenter Adriane Galisteu and Rico was asked about his reign. “Oh, Rico, let’s take stock of your term?” asked the blonde.

“Like it, Dri? My term was one of the best, wasn’t it?” asked Rico, who made the communicator laugh. “I’m asking how you felt about that hat, did you like it?” Galisteus continued. Now, the participant explained that he liked the experience very much.

“I loved it, I felt like the most powerful person on this farm. I did what I wanted to do, delegated a role to the staff without them asking, there’s no such thing with me, the farmer is me and I who give them their function“he stated. “Now, unfortunately, depending on who turns out to be a farmer, they’ll vote for me without penalty”, ended the worker, who said he would like to pass the hat on to Aline Mineiro, who was also in the fields.

Sonia Abram’s Campaign

Last week, when Rico Melquiades was on the farm of A Fazenda 13, the presenter Sonia Abram, who often comment on the reality show on his show on TV network!, criticized the pawn. She attacked the participant and complained about his actions, asking the audience to eliminate him. “Farmer Gui Araújo cast a direct and straight vote! The king of heavy energy deserves to go out on the street! It’s over! Out Rich!“, shot. Despite the celebrity’s request, Rico got away with elimination by winning the Farmer’s Test.

Nego do Borel

Two weeks earlier, the singer Nego do Borel it also generated a lot of repercussion on social networks. The famous was eventually expelled from A Fazenda 13 after being accused of having supposedly forced Dayane Mello to do a sexual act. Talking about a video in which the funkeiro defends himself in tears, Sonia Abrão criticized him and agreed with his expulsion from the Record TV attraction.

No use crying now. Be a man with an H and face the situation. Don’t use this story of ending your own life, because it won’t move anyone, nor mess with the sense of justice of those who are trying to punish the responsible. Let’s make sense. Think of your mother, who made an appeal for you like any mother would. She wants you alive and taking the consequences for what you did, if you really did it”, he snarled.

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