Ridley Scott analyzes the failure of the Last Duel and blames the Millennials and their smartphones

It is one of the most beautiful films he has made in recent years and yet it is certainly one of his biggest flops … The British filmmaker is trying to understand why The Last Duel did not met his audience.

Only $ 27 million at the global box office. This is little. Really little. Especially for a blockbuster budget of $ 100 million, worn by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon! The Last Duel is a flop, period. Too bad, answer Ridley Scott, who tries to analyze his failure with philosophy and (a little) of hindsight:

“Disney did a fantastic job on the promo. I was worried it wasn’t a movie for them, but the studio bosses really liked the movie and sold it well. The whole promo was great.”, comment Ridley Scott, guest of the “WTF” podcast by actor Marc Maron, this week.

The filmmaker thus finds another reason for his commercial failure: according to him, the public is no longer in phase with this kind of films!

“I think it boils down to this: we have an audience that was raised with these fucking cell phones. Millennials who never want to learn anything unless it’s marked on their smartphones. a general feature of society, and we’re dealing with that right now with a Facebook generation. A generation going in the wrong direction in my opinion … “

However, The Last Duel had all the elements to attract people indoors, “notably with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver and this new one named Jodie Comer. That’s the bet we made! We all thought it was a great scenario … But there you go, we can’t win every time. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve never had a single regret on any film I made. Never any regrets. I learned very early on to be my own critic. away from the critics to be happy I don’t look back I’m like that...”

In the process, Sir Scott recalls a previous box office failure in his long career: “In 1982 I made a movie called Blade Runner. It was my third film. I was crucified (by the critics). This film critic, Pauline Kael, who had never even met me, killed me! One day, I read his article in The New Yorker, which is a very classy magazine. It was four pages of insults. I framed it. He’s still in my office today … “

That being said, the flop of Last Duel does not come from any bad press. Rather praised, the film also shows 85% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes

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