Ridley Scott, author of the classics Alien and Blade Runner, will turn 84 on November 30.

Ridley Scott, author of the classics Alien and Blade Runner, will turn 84 on November 30.


Ridley Scott, author of the classics Alien and Blade Runner, will turn 84 on November 30. He approaches his birthday in disheveled feelings. His last film to date, The Last Duel, although it was very warmly received by critics, failed with a crash at the world box office: today he has raised $ 27 million with a budget of 100. (To only pay off, he should have raised about 200 million dollars: half of the proceeds go to cinemas, and only half goes to the studio that released the film).

“I think in the end it all comes down to the fact that today’s audience was raised on these fucking cell phones. Millennian [sic] does not want to be taught anything, unless he is taught through a cell phone, ”Scott said in an interview with journalists to Mark Maron. “I’ll probably say it out loud now, but this is what we are dealing with now on Facebook. The last generation was taught to trust the wrong things, and now they are going in the wrong direction. “

“The script for The Last Duel was amazing,” added Scott, “so we made the film. But you can’t win all the time. I have never regretted any film that I made. I didn’t regret anything. I learned very early to be my own critic. The only thing you need is your own opinion about what you have done. Step aside, make sure you’re happy, and then don’t look back. This is how things are with me. “

A few days ago, in another interview, Scott lashed out at superhero comic books, claiming that they had “disgusting scripts” (he made an exception only for “Joker”, calling the role of Joaquin Phoenix “almost Shakespearean”).

The grumbling of a director who in 2021 uses the word “cellphone” instead of “smartphone” and calls millennials “millennians” will cause a smile for many – but the older generation will surely make them pause and think. Seriously though, the main reason for the failure of The Last Duel, analysts consider the gloomy and serious attitude of the film, honestly reflected in the advertising campaign: a tragic intonation trailer (the screen was dominated by dark tones), a graphic black-and-white poster, which did not even have the faces of the actors – all this did little to lure the audience into cinemas, rather the opposite.

Ridley Scott can only rely on his new film “Gucci House”, which will be released in the US on November 24, and in Russia on December 2. (One of the most professional and experienced directors in the world, Scott works very quickly: he managed to shoot this picture while work on editing and special effects of The Last Duel was being completed, which was also postponed due to the pandemic). In House of Gucci, the female lead is played by Lady Gaga, the cell phone star. Maybe this will somehow help him appreciate the picture?


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