Rigoberto Urán caught everyone in a store as a patch: he made them believe it was not him

Colombian cyclist Rigoberto Urán continues his training in the department of Antioquia after completing his participation in the Tokyo Olympic Games where he won two Olympic diplomas.

This Wednesday, August 25, while he was completing one of his tours, Urán recorded a funny moment on his social networks with some people who did not recognize him, but had the impression that he was Rigoberto Urán.

While taking a break from work to have a coffee, the cyclist took a break at a store in the municipality of Abejorral, Antioquia. In this establishment, some people identified him and told him that he was the recognized runner, however, he “hesitated” by saying that he was someone very similar.

Even the subjects of the store made a bet to define the situation. However, Urán remained firm in his position.

Despite the joke, before leaving the place, Rigoberto Urán revealed the truth to the people, who smiled and enjoyed the moment.

Source: Antena 2

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