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Helmsmen of the Chamber and the Senate challenged politicians and businessmen to work together in the face of the new challenges facing the country.

The highlight of the day at Enade 2022, where the President-elect Gabriel Boric spoke, included the presentation of the presidents of the powers of the State, an instance in which the helmsman of the Senate, Ximena Rincón, and his peer from the Chamber of Deputies, Diego Paulsen.

The president of the Lower House began his speech by identifying three concerns: the deterioration of the vision that Chile could once again be a reconciled country; mistrust in political institutions, mainly in the Government and Parliament; and finally that 16% of the people trust the Constitutional Convention.

Thus, he called on the opposition of the Gabriel Boric government to be a “real” opposition.

“The importance of the opposition improves the quality of democracy.” To which Paulsen made a commitment with the president-elect, who was present. “Our opposition, Mr. President, will not be disloyal to democracy.”

Paulsen also called on his peers to end the demonization of the private sector. “When a society gives up a strong private sector, it gives up progress.” Finally, the deputy was categorical about the violence: “Never again validate violence, never again sit down with terrorists who damaged my region so much.”

For his part, Rincón began his presentation with a detailed overview of what happened from months prior to the social outbreak until Boric’s triumph. From that, the senator referred to the statements that were made known on Wednesday, when she left her microphone open in the Senate and stated that the new administration is going to “suffer” and that she is going to “take the stage.”

“I maintained that it is difficult for him, no one can deny it. This is not the time to look from the gallery, but rather you have to go in to fight ”, he pointed out.

In addition, the senator reflected on the different challenges for the future: achieving sustained economic growth, guaranteeing decent education and health without waiting lists, reaching safe cities, paying off the debt with pensioners, incorporating women into the business world and achieving a reactivation that grants jobs.

Finally, Rincón made a special call to businessmen not to allow abuses and to carry out effective sanctions against corruption. “Everyone must follow the norm and the ethical and moral aspects. We should not indirectly subsidize companies that do not comply with this, “he concluded.



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